How to Container Garden to Grow Fresh Vegetables

how to container gardenPatio Container Garden Idea

Learn how to container garden on your patio, balcony, or porch.

Find a sunny location to create a quick and easy vegetable container garden using only a few pots, some potting soil, and a few packets of vegetable seed.

Design Your Own Vegetable Garden Layout Using our Free "Vegetable Garden Planner" Software!

One of the many advantages of discovering a container garden is the ease of access especially for gardeners facing physical challenges.

Cultivating crops in containers takes away the need for continual bending over to weed or fertilize the plants as traditionally done in a conventional bed.

Using this vegetable gardening method on protected porches or patios, you are free to enjoy the satisfying hobby for an extended time over outdoor gardens.

Container Garden Designs

basic container garden planBasic Container Garden Plan
  • For the following example use 2 ½ feet long x 15 inches wide containers.
  • The boxes should be deep enough to hold 2-cubic feet of potting soil.
  • Containers can be of various sizes and shapes, and should hold from 3-5 gallons of potting soil.
  • Choose a location with full sun for your container garden.
  • With the exception of lettuce and spinach which will tolerate light shade, most all vegetable garden plants require at least 6 hours of sunshine per day.
potted plants growing outdoorsOutdoor Vertical Container Garden

By Using 12 Planters, Plant Sample Container Garden Below in Individuals Containers:

Planting Herb Container GardenPlant Herbs in One Container

* Two artichokes in a single container

* Plant one each of eggplant and tomato in another box

* Two cucumber plants and two melons using trellis to support upward growth

* Three greens of your choice and a squash plant with a trellis, planted together

* Four varieties of bell/ hot peppers along with four celery plants

* Four choices of cabbage/broccoli and four heads of lettuce

* Four samplings of cauliflower on one side of the box and four chards on the other

Download Free Garden Planning Worksheets, Garden Diary, Zone Chart, Or Planting Guide

basic container vegetable gardenBasic Container Vegetable Garden Idea

* Four plantings of Brussels sprouts with four spinach plants on the opposite side

* Four plants of strawberries and kohlrabi facing four garden salad selections

* Select eight herbs with four growing on either side of the box

* Five sets of onions planted in a planter

* Any vegetable garden favorites we may have left out

Creative Container Garden Ideas

recycled tire container garden exampleRecycle Old Tires for Fun Container Garden Idea

Learning about container gardening in pots is one of the most rewarding methods of vegetable gardening.

You have total freedom to let your imagination run wild and grow exotic species indoors that might not survive outdoor conditions.

Plants also can be moved around to better locations as the seasons change to best suit their requirements.

Caring for a Container Garden

Maintenance is a breeze when you learn how to container garden by grouping the plants according to their similar needs such as frequency of scheduled feedings and watering.

Potted plants are dependent on you for moisture, a proper growing medium, sufficient nutrients, and providing light.

Container Vegetable Gardening Ideas

radishes freshly picked from a gardenGrowing Radish in a Container Garden

Plastic pots are useful in the container garden because they are lightweight and reusable.

To make an ordinary pot stand out in a crowd, you can hide the plastic container inside a more attractive cover up model.

To make a show-stopping wooden pot shell, cut 1 x 1s to the length to mask your pot.

Paint or stain the wood to suit your taste. Drill holes through each piece about one inch from the top and bottom.

String the pieces together with copper wire.

One of the greatest pleasures that children as well as adults receive from learning how to container garden, is the bragging rights!

Although, you would not think of container gardens as growing exceptionally large produce, it is entirely possible to astound your neighbors with huge selections such as cabbage grown in containers.

You can also trellis containers to grow a record number of cucumbers or other vining vegetables.

Do not be fooled by the size of the containers, a bountiful harvest can be contained in a small space!

Learning How to Container Garden is Fun for the Whole Family!

container gardening is great for entire familyContainer Gardening if Fun for All the Family

Don't keep all the fun to yourself!

Get your children or grandchildren involved in vegetable gardening at an early age by encouraging them to help plant the seeds, and pick fresh produce right off the vine.

By taking simple how to container garden steps, you can grow tasty vegetables such as tomatoes and turnips on your deck or terrace without the work of a traditional vegetable garden plot.

Add casters for a garden on the move!

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