Growing Victoria Rhubarb

victoria rhubarb

The best tips for growing Victoria Rhubarb in a home vegetable garden?

Here are a few easy tips for how to plant and grow this delicious rhubarb variety!

Rhubarb is an extremely hardy perennial vegetable, that is very easy to grow.

It is winter hardy, and drought resistant.

Even a beginner gardener can manage to produce a healthy, tasty crop of rhubarb!

An old-time favorite in every Grandma's garden, rhubarb's tart-bittersweet taste has wide appeal.

Rhubarb is used in pies, tarts, muffins and jams with a bit of sugar added.

Rhubarb is a great compliment to many other fruits such as strawberries and raspberries.

Have you tried strawberry-rhubarb pie? Then you know what I mean!

Rhubarb is finding new popularity today in a variety culinary dishes.

How to Plant Rhubarb

  • The rhubarb perennial can be started indoors 4 to 5 weeks before the last frost in order to produce a limited number of stalks the first year and full crops the subsequent years.
  • However, it is usually grown from planting a section of rhubarb crown, rather than from seeds.
  • Prepare the planting area well by adding aged manure or compost, as the plant will be feeding from the soil for many years to come.
victoria rhubarb
  • One of the best cooking varieties, this rhubarb is sweeter and milder that most other varieties.
  • The stalks are slim and tender, and are quick and easy to prepare for cooking.
  • This rhubarb variety is prolific; the stalks are green with a red blush.

Growing Victoria Rhubarb

victoria rhubarb

This rhubarb grows in well-drained and fertile soil that is high in organic elements such as compost and well-aged manure.

Since it is a perennial plant, choose a permanent location for your rhubarb plants.

Once you have planted it, you will reap a harvest for many years to come.

Harvesting Rhubarb

  • To harvest, pull the shiny tender stalks out of the soil, rather than cutting them.
  • Remove the inedible leaves, and the bottom root section of the stem before using.
  • Raw or cooked, rhubarb freezes well for winter use.
  • Rhubarb leaves are toxic!
  • Be sure not to include any part of the rhubarb leaf when preparing or cooking rhubarb.

How Long Will the Plants Live?

The plant usually last from 10-15 years. The crowns can be thinned or divided and new clumps started every 4-5 years.

Do this in the early spring when the new growth first appears. This is a good time to share your rhubarb plants with friends and neighbors!

It can be easily grown by home gardeners in their backyard. For areas with hot climates, the light afternoon sun is recommended for best growing results. It cannot have the full exposure when the sun is too hot as it will be in danger of withering.

In cooler or northern climates, rhubarb plants can be planted in full sun.

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