Vegetable Garden Scarecrows Ideas and Examples

Friendly Scarecrow Face Made from PillowcaseFriendly Scarecrow Face Made from Pillowcase

Use our vegetable garden scarecrows ideas to build your idea of a perfect scarecrow!

Are you trying to keep birds out of your blueberries, or corn patch?

Be aware that your scarecrow may seem like a member of the family, so keep it really fun and friendly.

Fun Scarecrow Ideas for Your GardenFun Scarecrow Ideas for Your Garden

Vegetable Garden Scarecrows Video

Build Your Own Scarecrow Plans

cute easy to build scarecrow ideaCute Easy-To-Make Scarecrow Idea

Here are some easy steps to build your own  garden scarecrow at home:

  1. Get two poles or stakes that you can fasten into a "t" shape. This will give you the body, and arms for your scarecrow.
  2. Drive a wooden stake, or metal fence post into the ground where you want to locate your scarecrow.
  3. Use wire or heavy-duty plastic fasteners to fasten your "t" stakes to the stake in the ground.
  4. Leave enough room on the top of your stake to fasten the head of your scarecrow. The head can be made from an old pillowcase, or other material. Just putting an upside down flowerpot or lampshade makes a very cute head!
  5. Find an old shirt, jacket, or dress and place it on the "t". Stuff the costume with recycled plastic bags, or any other material that won't get water-logged and decompose.
cute scarecrow ideas for the gardenCute Scarecrow Dressed in Red
  • Use belts or ties as needed to shape your scarecrow.
  • Add stuffed gloves to the end of the sleeves if desired.
  • Tie shoes or boots to the ends of the pant-legs if your scarecrow has pants.
  • Add a hat, and straw (plastic straw lasts longer) or yarn for hair.
  • Draw or sew a cute face on your scarecrow.
  • Accessorize as desired!
scarecrow dressed as gardenerThis Scarecrow is Ready to Garden!

Children's Paper Plate
Scarecrow Instructions

A fun project for preschool and early elementary-age children is to make a paper-plate scarecrow.

Here are some ideas for decorating a paper plate scarecrow:

  1. Use a plain white paper or plastic plate.
  2. Cut out or draw eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Use yellow, red, brown, or black yarn, or construction paper for hair.
  4. Glue on large buttons for eyes (not for very small children who might put them in their mouth)
  5. Make a hat out of felt or construction paper.
scarecrow couple in the gardenSophisticated Scarecrow Couple Guarding the Garden!

Decorating for Fall with Scarecrows

Scarecrows also make fun porch or lawn decorations for fall and Halloween.

Your scarecrow can sit on your front porch and warn you when you have visitors coming!

Small trick-or-treaters enjoy seeing scarecrows, as long as they aren't too scary-looking.

So if you don't need vegetable garden scarecrows, don't let this keep you from having the fun of building and decorating your own scarecrow this fall season!

sunflower scarecrow ideaSunflower Scarecrow Idea

Another fun idea for fall is to plant a row of sunflowers near a fence in your front yard.

At the end of summer, you can decorate the sunflowers with hats, old eye-glasses, sunglasses, scarf, and any other ideas you can come up with.

Your sunflower scarecrows will put a smile on everyone's face!

Vegetable Garden
Scarecrow Photo Gallery

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