Herb Container Gardens
Indoors or Outdoors

growing herbs in containersGrowing Herbs in Container Gardens

Herbs Ready in a Pinch...

Herb container gardens are a great way to grow your own fresh herbs for use in your kitchen!

Designing and planting an herb garden in containers can provide fresh herbs year-round.

They also make a lovely addition to your sunny patio, porch or balcony, as many herbs also have beautiful flowers when in bloom.

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potted outdoor herb gardenPretty Outdoor Potted Herb Garden

Probably no form of gardening provides more versatility than a container herb garden.

Growing herbs in containers makes it possible to successfully grow plants in conditions where little space or available time for gardening exists.

Container gardening is ideally suited for anyone with physical limitations such that prevent them from working in a traditional ground level garden setting.

Indoor or Outdoor Herb Container Gardens

herb gardening indoors and outdoorsHerb Gardening Can Be Indoors or Outdoors

On a balcony, rooftop, patio, deck, or kitchen windowsill, there are endless possibilities for growing a successful container herb garden.

Growing herbs in containers provides an extra dimension of gardening pleasure, both indoors and outdoors.

Spice Up Your Life or Your Patio!

growing herbs on porch or patioGrowing Herbs Adds Beauty to Porch or Patio
  • A few herb plants grown in a container can spice up a patio with its fragrance.
  • Container gardens can also solve the problem of poor soil conditions in your area.
  • A container herb garden makes a perfect complement to garden fresh vegetables.

The Basics for Growing Herbs in Containers

herb container garden ideasHerb Container Garden Ideas

The containers may be decorative or plain and simple.

Container material choices include clay, plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, terra cotta, alabaster, and wrought iron.

  • Recycled items such as a child's outgrown red wagon or discarded hanging baskets can be used.
  • As long as the container is capable of holding in soil and allows water drainage, let your imagination run wild in choosing which pots to use!

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An advantage to growing herbs in containers is their portability.

You can move the plants from one location to another easily to accommodate the plant's growing requirements.

Another bonus to a container herb garden as far as maintenance goes is care of the garden requires only a short daily check.

herb blossom examplesExamples of Herb Blossoms

Container Herb Garden Success

potted herb garden ideaBeautiful Potted Herb Garden

It is necessary to maintain a consistent moisture level.

Soil moisture should be checked in a container herb garden everyday.

To test the moisture level, rub a small amount of the surface soil from each pot between your index finger and thumb.

Ideally, water the planters before the soil becomes bone dry.

On the other hand, you do not want the soil to be soaking wet, as this may drown the plants!

herb container gardeningHerb Container Garden in Half-Barrel

Herbs Suitable for Container Gardens

indoor herb gardenIndoor Herb Garden

The best approach to deciding which herbs to grow is to make a list of the herbs you are most likely to use.

Find out the growing requirements of each plant such as soil, light, and water.

Determine full-grown height and growth habits.

growing herbs in a balcony container gardenBalcony Container Herb Garden

Herbs suitable for a container herb garden include:

Thyme--likes lots of sun

Basil--prefers the indoors


Tarragon--made for the shade

Lemon Balm--not picky

Garlic--plant in fall

Parsley--slow to germinate

Mint--partial sun

Dill--tolerant but some heat

Chives--bit on the shady side

Cilantro--protect from wind

Rosemary--adores sunshine

Sage--performs well in hot, dry conditions

Herb Container Gardens Tip

fresh herbs and a mortar and pestilFresh Herbs from the Garden

Grouping pots of herbs together helps the plants grow and deters pests. (Safety in numbers!)

Basil planted in a container herb garden on your windowsill should keep most flying insects away.

Harvesting From Herb
Container Gardens

freshly snipped herbs from the gardenFreshly Snipped Herbs From the Garden

As a general rule of green thumb, herbs possess the highest flavor in their leaves just before they bloom.

Harvesting herbs for fresh use can be done throughout the growing season.

Thyme, rosemary, and sage are among the perennials that require the actively growing shoots to be snipped in lengths of about six inches.

To harvest annuals, collect a few leaves as needed.

"Fine basil desireth it may be her lot to grow as the flower trim in a pot. That ladies and gents to whom ye do serve may help her as needeth, life to preserve." ~ Garden Wisdom

herb gardening in clay potsHerb Garden Growing in Clay Pots

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