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Keeping Rabbiats OUT!
by: Mandi

We have tons of rabbits in our back yard, and although this is my first time growing a veggie garden.. my Dad use to plant carrots and potatoes in the spot where I'm going to plant my 13 different veggie and fruit this year.

He told me the best way to keep the rabbits & deer out was to places fence posts around the garden, then 3 strings around the fence post--(one around ground level, one middle-ways up and one at the top) and to tie the orange strips of garbage bag ties everywhere... that the deer and rabbits are so sketchy they will usually get scared and leave your garden alone! Hope this helps! :)

rabbits in garden
by: K Lee

I too live in an area with lots of rabbits. I have found that planting marigolds around my raised beds seems to keep the rabbits and other critters away from them.

Great Question
by: Kat

I hope that natural "repellents" can be used that won't harm the rabbits, and if the repellents can be products not tested on animals that would be best for your health and animals too.

Keeping Rabbits Away
by: Dorothy

I would check out Defence if you're interested in keeping rabbits away. It's a great repellent for keeping your garden off their menu.

Even if you have a fence, rabbits are crafty creatures. It's better to be safe than sorry.

If they don't carry it at your local store, you can find it here.

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