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Squirrels In Garden
by: Michelle

I had such a problem with squirrels either burying their nuts in my potted plants & garden or looking for nuts that they thought they had buried. I tried everything.

Then while I was researching it online out of desperation for the 50th time, I ran across yet another solution - but this one works... Here is it:

Get some bloodmeal and sprinkle it on the surface of the dirt all around the plants. You can work it in a little with the existing dirt if you wish, but don't bury it too far down. Squirrels hate the smell of it. You'll have to refresh it once in a while, but not too often. I always know that it's time to sprinkle some new bloodmeal if I see any places where a squirrel has dug a hole.

Then get some little red lava rocks (they are really cheap) and spread those on the surface of the dirt around the plants and on the perimeter. For some reason squirrels dislike these rocks also.

Since I've been using both of the above solutions together, I rarely have a problem with squirrels anymore. Good Luck!

Squirrels Eating Your Garden
by: Tracy

I just read on a recycling site about this problem, and they offered a suggestion which I have passed on to my brother-in-law because he also has this problem.

I don't know if it works but it's worth a try.

Cut the top and bottom off of a plastic see-through soda pop bottle and put the collar around your plant and they say the squirrel doesn't like it.

I know it would be a huge job to do everything in your garden, so maybe just pick out your favorites or what they are eating right now and see how it works. Good luck and maybe let me know if it works being as I have not tried it.

I am not bothered by squirrels where I live as there has only been one that lived out here in the 8 years that I have been here.

The grandchildren and I got a bang out of feeding him peanuts at the base of the telephone pole.

Then one day our power went out for hours and we were told it was due to a squirrel that got zapped after biting a wire.

It must have been mine because we never saw him again and we missed him.

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