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by: barbara

I'm really interested as the neighbor built above ground septic 6'plus higher then my property with cement wall poured in between,
yet the drain holes face my garden with grapes and raspberry not 5 ft away.
I wonder if these would be contaminated?

This get me thinking...
tried to check into soil test, said to cost $800!!!

What the heck can I do?

In Southern Oregon.......
by: Tracy

The guy that replaced our old septic system told us that as long as we didn't put in 'root' crops (or if we 'insisted') to use a raised bed but to not make it wider than 2' wide x 6' long (actual growing space) and to put down an interpretable liner.

The space between beds would need to be at least 4'. That takes a lot of space, but gives the drain field plenty of 'air'.

Because (and only because) ours is a 'new' drain field and we "know" it was installed correctly, do we 'use' that area, but I 'straw bale garden' so it is different than the 'usual' raised beds.

When ours was still the 'old' drain field, we didn't use that space much, and that turned out to be a good thing when it failed ;O)...Just my 2 cents...(not worth much these days)

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