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Use Soap to Keep the Deer Away from Garden
by: Anonymous

The best and cheapest solution for keeping deer away from gardens, at least for my deer, is smelly bars of soap.

I hang the bars of soap from limbs, on sticks, etc. about every 30 feet around my garden, both flower and vegetable.

The deer associate the smell with humans and will stay away for several months unless it rains a lot.

Change fragrances very 3 or 4 months for best results.

Motion Activated Scarecrow Sprinkler and Marigolds Work for Me
by: Anonymous

To keep deer and bear out of my garden I bought a water-spray scarecrow from Amazon.

It's similar to a garden sprinkler, but has an eye on it that detects motion, and shoot out a heavy spray of water up to 30' away, in a 90 degree sweep.

You attach your garden hose to it, and leave it. It uses a 9 volt battery, and if looking for it on amazon, type in key words "Scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler", you should be able to find it fairly easily.

The cost is around $50 plus or so.

Ever since I bought mine I haven't had a problem.

I have a 20' x 40' garden with 3 raised beds, and my garden sits up against a nature preserve.

We have all the animals in our back yard with a garden and have no problems, except for the darn armadillos. Either they are so stupid, or just hard headed, or should I say hard backed, that they probably aren't aware that the are being hit with water.

I know the deer have finally started to use somewhere else to enter the neighborhood, because I don't even see any deer poop in my yard anymore!
Give it a try, I truly recommend this product.

Marigolds are a good deterrent to deer, as they hate the smell. I have them in my garden, in addition to the water-spraying scarecrow!

Deer Problems in the Garden
by: Twila

I have used Irish Spring Soap. I shaved it and spread it throughout my flower garden and it kept deer out. I have a herd of 22 deer that frequent my back yard.
Human urine DOES work though. It should be placed around the perimeters of the garden area--not on the plants! At my camp, I had the nicest flowers there! Should work in a vegetable garden too?
Good luck!

keeping deer out of vegatable garden
by: Tracy

I have used this method for 2 years now and it works slicker then a whistle!

Place a fence post at each outer corner of your garden and then take fly fishing line or in my case I had an old spool of twine and you just string the line or twine on the top of each fence post.

The deer can't see it but will run into it about chest high and it spooks them.

They will not jump what they cannot see.

I have not had any problems with them ever since I started this; before I would have bites out of everything.

They bed down in the back part of my property because we have naturalized with pine trees and poplars, but they stay put.

Note: Be careful about using this method in any area where people might also be passing through, as they could injure themselves.

Deer Guard Device Works for Us
by: Anonymous

There is an item called Deer Guard that has been working for us.

Before we installed this we would at times have as many as 12 deer in our yard when there was snow on the mountains and they were scrounging for food.

It is battery operated or you can plug it in. We prefer the battery.

It lets out a sound kind of like a bird chirp to let you know it is working but also lets out a high pitch sound that you cannot hear, but deer and other animals can hear.

It really works well. We haven't had any deer in our yard since we installed it.

One Deer Guard will cover a space of 50' in front of it and a 30' radius on both sides. It cost us $55 and is well worth it.

By the way you can also set it to scare away other critters. Get it at your local nursery.

How I keep deer out of my garden...
by: Anonymous

Go to a sporting goods store and buy some bobcat scent or coyote scent and drop in drips around the parameter of your garden.
It worked for me when I had a large garden.

Be advised if you have pets, they will pick up on the scent and ether go into hiding or in the case of a dog they often bark when they smell the scent.

The other thing I know that works (my daughter told me about and she was a wild animal rehabilitater and she often had deer at her farm) so she found if she took some small nylon net bags, and filled them with shavings of "Irish Spring Soap" the deer did not bother her flowers at all.

Hang it on fence posts or place around the garden plants.

Hope this helps!

Keeping Deer Out of My Garden
by: Amanda

I've heard that it works to hang human hair in mesh bags around the garden. I'm sure a barber or hair salon wouldn't mind saving the hair they sweep up and throw away to give to you.

I'm going to try it this year as I live in a rural wooded area and I'm going to try container gardening for the first time!

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