Growing Strawberries at the Edge of my Garden

by Mrs. L.
(Albany, OR)

My Strawberry Bed

My Strawberry Bed

I have a helpful tip for gardeners with kids and grandkids.

I have this bed of strawberries on the edge of my garden, and it's worked wonders at getting the kids into the garden with me.

They love to come out to the garden with me and pick strawberries.

I sometimes have them help me with the weeding too, but that can get stressful when the garden is just sprouting. It's a lot easier for the kids to tell the weeds from the plants when the plants are taller.

The strawberries are surrounded by the stones to mark off the bed. It's easier to keep out the grass (since it's on the edge of the garden, so that the little kids don't have to walk over my veggies to get to the berries).

I pulled out my garden at the end of October, roto-tilled and planted a cover crop.

I've learned not to waste my energy with the green tomatoes that are left on the vine at the end of the season. Canning them uses up other ingredients that cost money, and the family doesn't really seem to enjoy the results.

Plus, I've really had it with my garden at this point, and I'm not even tempted to can another tomato!

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