Easy Container Garden
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container garden ideas

So many possibilities when designing a container garden. This is a perfect chance to recycle or reuse all kinds of containers from clay pots to milk jugs. Kettles, buckets, half-barrels, you name it, if it holds soil and water, it will work for planting a container garden.

Here are a few simple container garden ideas for creating the best potted home vegetable gardens!

Build a vegetable garden that fits your plans!

Use our container garden photos to help you get started with planning the best garden design for you.

Container Garden Basics

container garden ideas

If you want to grow your own fresh vegetables in a limited space, designing a container garden can be a great way to go. Many vegetables will grow well in containers.

The most important step is finding a place for your garden with at least 6 hours of sunshine.

Having a source of water nearby is also helpful.

If you only have access to a shady spot, you will be limited to leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach, which grow nicely in shade.

Having a container garden can be lots of fun for the whole family, and can actually provide a surprising amount of fresh vegetables during the growing season.

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Container Garden Ideas

Now comes the fun part!

After you have chosen your sunniest location, assemble some pots and containers for your garden.

Here is where you can be as creative as you like! You can recycle containers already on hand, or purchase containers online or at your local garden store.

Depending on your budget, the containers you purchase can be inexpensive plastic, medium-priced clay or wood, or decorative ceramic pots.

If you use clay or ceramic pots, be sure to empty them at the end of the growing season, and during freezing weather, store them where they will not be subject to extremes of temperature which can cause them to crack or break.

container garden ideas

Container Garden Tips and Tools

  • Buy a good quality potting soil with built-in fertilizer to fill your containers.
  • Fertilize your garden every 2 to 3 weeks with liquid organic fertilizer.
  • It is best to replace your potting soil each year; your plants will be happier and healthier with fresh fertile soil.
  • Be sure to keep your container garden well-watered.
  • Containers can dry out very quickly during hot windy weather.
  • You will also want to have a pair of gardening gloves, and possibly a small trowel and rake.
  • The tools are not absolutely necessary, but can come in handy!
container garden ideas

Container Garden Plans

Next you will want to plan which vegetables to grow in your container garden.

Successful container garden plans can include lettuce, green onions, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers.

These vegetables are all easy to grow in container gardens.

If you have the space, you might also want to grow a container of potatoes.

In most climates, all of these vegetables can easily be started from seeds planted in your containers, except the tomato and peppers.

If you live where there is frost in the winter and spring, then you will likely want to purchase tomato and pepper plants from a gardening store when it is planting time.

(It is also possible to start these plants from seeds indoors 10 weeks before planting time if you prefer.)

Container Garden Ideas to Vegetable Gardening

Container Garden Ideas to Container Vegetable Gardening