The Best Strawberry Pie Recipe

strawberry pie recipe

The best homemade strawberry pie recipe made from fresh or frozen strawberries.

Easy step-by-step instructions for making a delicious strawberry pie at home.

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Reducing the juices of the strawberries is what gives this filling concentrated strawberry flavor.

Fresh whole or sliced strawberries make a tasty topping to this coveted strawberry pie dish.

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Vanilla or chocolate crumb crust for a 9 inch pie*

5 cups of fresh, frozen whole strawberries with no added sugar*

2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

3 tablespoons water

2 teaspoons gelatin

½ cup heavy cream

8 tablespoons sugar

1 large egg white

1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar

7 additional cups of fresh strawberries for topping*

1 ½ teaspoons cornstarch

  • Press pie crust in pan and chill it. 
  • Fresh berries must be frozen for at least 48 hours and thawed to release their juices. 
  • Rinse, hull, dry, and slice strawberries.
fresh strawberries growing on the vine

Homemade Strawberry Pie Recipe Filling

  • Thaw the strawberries completely in a colander suspended over a deep bowl the night before in the refrigerator or several hours ahead at room temperature. 
  • Press on the berries several times to force out a total of 1 ¼ cups of juice. 
  • Reserve the berries and the juices separately. 
  • Boil the strawberry juice in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring frequently, until it is reduced to ¼ cup. 
  •  In a food processor, puree the strawberries for about 30 seconds until smooth, transfer liquid to a bowl. 
  • Stir in the reduced strawberry juice and the lemon juice. 
  • Chill the puree at least 30 minutes. 
  • Place the water in a small custard cup and sprinkle the gelatin over it. 
  • Allow it to soften for 5 minutes.
  • In a chilled bowl, beat the heavy cream with 2 tablespoons of the sugar until soft peaks form when the beater is raised. 
  • Chill. 
  • In a small mixing bowl, beat the egg white until foamy. 
  • Add the cream of tartar. 
  • Beat at medium speed. 
  •  Gradually add 2 tablespoons of sugar, until soft peaks form when the beater is raised slowly. 
  • Gradually beat in the remaining 2 tablespoons of sugar. 
  • Continue beating on high speed until stiff peaks form when the beater is raised. 
  • Set aside briefly.
fresh strawberries
  • Heat the gelatin mixture in the microwave for a few seconds. 
  • Stir once. 
  • Whisking constantly, add the hot gelatin mixture to the cold strawberry puree. 
  •  Continuing with the whisk, fold in first the egg white, then the whipped cream. 
  •  Finish by using a rubber spatula to reach down to the bottom of the bowl where the heavier puree settles.
  • Avoid over-mixing. 
  •  Pour the strawberry filling at once into the prepared pie crust.
  • Refrigerate at least 30 minutes until the surface sets before adding the fresh strawberry topping. 
  • The filling must set 4 hours before serving.
slice of strawberry pie

Strawberry Pie Recipe Topping
How to Make Strawberry Pie Topping

  • Make the strawberry topping at least 2 hours and up to 6 hours before serving. 
  •  Gently stir together the sliced strawberries and sugar. 
  • Cover and allow it to sit for 1 hour at room temperature or up to 5 hours in the refrigerator. 
  • Place the strawberries in a strainer suspended over a saucepan and allow them to stand for 30 minutes to drain all the syrup. 
  • Stir the berries gently with a rubber spatula several times. Set the strawberries aside. 
  •  In a small saucepan over medium heat, boil the syrup. 
  • Stir often, until it is reduced to 1/3 cup. 
  • Stir the cornstarch into the reduced strawberry syrup and cook over medium heat until clear and thickened. 
  •  Simmer for about 30 seconds after reaching a boil. 
  • Remove the thickened syrup from the heat and set aside. 
  • Arrange the berries evenly over the strawberry filling, placing as many of the bright red end pieces skin side up as possible.
  • Brush over strawberries with the thickened syrup. 
  • Refrigerate until shortly before serving. 
  •  Serve this homemade strawberry pie recipe with sweetened whip cream.

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