Examples of Container Gardens for Small Spaces

container garden on sunny patioContainer Garden on Sunny Patio

Here are examples of growing container gardens, and tips on how to grow vegetable gardens in containers.

Vegetable gardening in small spaces is easy to do, as long as you can find a sunny spot.

Potted gardens are easy to grow even if you have little or no gardening experience!

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With more and more people living in urban areas, we have seen an explosion in the activity of growing a potted garden.

If you are interested in fresh vegetables you can grow at home, this is definitely an idea you will want to pursue!

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Create a Beautiful Vegetable Garden in Small Spaces!

pation container vertical gardenPatio Container Vertical Garden

You may be surprised how many vegetables you can comfortably grow in containers!

While some options are going to be easier if you have more space, you'll also discover that there are some vegetables or herbs that can be grown even on the windowsill or counter top of any apartment.

Add a few flowers when gardening in pots to add some color and beauty to your garden!

Sunshine, Water, and Good Drainage Essential in Potted Gardens

container gardensContainer Flower, Herb, and Veggie Garden
  • Choose a sunny location either indoors or outdoors on your porch, deck, patio, or balcony.
  • It is helpful to have a source of water located near your garden.
  • During hot dry weather, check your garden frequently, as containers will dry out more quickly than in-ground plants.
  • It is important to use pots that have good drainage in the bottom, and to water your vegetables frequently!

Good Soil, and Fertilizer Important when Gardening in Containers

balcony container gardenBalcony Container Garden
  • Use a good quality potting soil to fill your containers before planting your seeds or small plants.
  • Many potting soils have compost or other types of fertilizer added to enrich the soil.
  • Do not fill your containers too full of soil as it is important to leave room for water to soak into the soil instead of running off the top of your planter.
  • Use new potting soil in your containers each year if possible, as fertile soil will help keep your garden healthy.

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

container gardensCherry Tomato Growing in Clay Pot

Tomatoes are one of the classic choices, and it is easy to see why.

There are hundreds of different varieties of tomatoes, and it is very easy to find one that suits your needs.

You can have a large pot filled with flowering tomatoes, or you can suspend them from a hanging pot, depending on the space that you have available.

When you go shopping for tomatoes for your garden, consider the Tiny Tim, Saladette, Toy Boy, and Tumbling Tom varieties.

Growing Lettuce in Containers

growing lettuce in container gardensGrowing Lettuce in Barrel Container

If you love salads, planting lettuce can help you enjoy fresh salads all summer.

You only need a medium-sized container and for apartment dwellers, this is a very popular option because lettuce grows well in partial shade.

From seed to harvest, lettuce plants take only fifty days, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from.

Plant additional lettuce seed every 3-4 weeks to keep a continuous crop of lettuce ready for harvest.

For leafy lettuce varieties, look at Buttercrunch, Romaine, Ruby, and Salad Bowl.

Seed packets of "mixed lettuce" varieties are available, and can be a great option if you don't know which variety to try first!

container gardensContainer Garden on Sunny Porch

Growing Onions in Containers

container garden with lettuce and onionsContainer Garden with Onions and Lettuce

Onions are used in just about every form of cooking and they are wonderfully easy to grow.

They only need a small amount of space and they can easily be set up on a small pot on the window sill.

They do very well with partial shade and the tender green shoots can be harvested at any time for a lovely addition to your salad or stir-fry.

Blue Lake onions or Kentucky Wonder onions are great for this purpose.

Growing Radishes in Containers

container gardensGrowing Radish in Container Gardens

Radish comes in both mild and peppery varieties, and you'll soon discover that they are perfect for growing in containers.

They have very small space needs and they do very well in partial shade, so if your home doesn't get much light, radishes can do quite well.

Some popular radishes for this purpose include Scarlet Globes, White Icicles, and Cherry Belles.

Radishes grow very quickly, and are best when harvested promptly. Then you will have time to plant more seeds and grow another crop!

Growing Carrots in a Container Garden

container gardensGrowing Parsley in Container Gardens

There are many great varieties of carrot seeds available. Some are perfect for growing "baby carrots", and some will grow long and thin for using in soups and stews.

Carrots are very easy to grow when container gardening, so have some fun deciding which kind to try first!

Growing Eggplants in Vegetable Containers

If you have a fair amount of space, you'll find that eggplants are a great vegetable to grow in your home they need a fair amount of sun, but they do very well in a large pot or container.

Look for Florida Market eggplants or Long Tom eggplants.

These varieties, due to their size and their hardiness, are ideal when you are thinking about getting started with container gardening.

Potatoes and cucumbers also make great container plants.

So be sure to choose your very favorites when deciding what to start with in your first container garden!

It is going to be easier than you think and the results can be delicious.

Home Canning for your Vegetables

Home canning is a great way to save on your food budget, increase self-sufficiency, and is also a great way to preserve extra produce from your garden.

Please click on the link for more information on canning methods, canning supplies, and canning recipes.

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